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Upgrade to version 3.5.1
Upgrade to version 3.5.1

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When we release an upgrade we believe that it should represent genuine value for money. We also believe that it should deliver on what our customers ask for. So why should you purchase the upgrade?

Because it's better, much better
    Cookbooks - Create, share and download cookbooks
    Sharing - Share recipes, cookbooks & shopping lists with your iPad & other Desktops
Because you'll love it, really love it
    "This is the only full feature recipe manager that allows me to easily scan & import clipped recipes from publications. Thank you for producing such a great program." - Kendra Turnage
    "I was in need of something that let me track my diet and glucose, as well as another for my recipes. TheRecipeManager was a great find, and even after just 3 days of use, it's becoming a daily tool for me for everything." - Richard March
Because we make it worth your while, really worth your while
    Currently only $15.00 for existing customers using version 1 or 2
    Available at no additional charge for all customers using any version 3 release
    We make sure that you can stay current with all the latest software and hardware
You can purchase an upgrade from version 1 or 2 of TheRecipeManager for just $15.00 from Kagi, our on-line retailer


If you are already using any version 3 release then you don't need to pay to update to the latest 3.5.1 release.