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Sharing recipes and cookbooks
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Sharing food is one of the most rewarding and sociable forms of communication. Preparing food together, sampling dishes, changing them to suit your tastes. Whether it's sharing spaghetti, breaking freshly baked bread, feeding a loved one apple pie and watching their face light-up with delight at the deliciousness of the dessert. When you find something good, you want to let everyone else know; pass on something of yourself to the people in your life.

You can share your cookbooks and recipes from your Desktop version of TheRecipeManager (version 3.5) to your iPad, or another Desktop version of TheRecipeManager and back again.

/images/TRM Content/Sharing_from_desktop.png Sharing a cookbook from your Desktop

The video on the left demonstrates how to set a cookbook for sharing from the desktop version of TheRecipeManager. Once you have set a cookbook for sharing you can then share it and the individual recipes in it, with TheRecipeMgr for iPad and TheRecipeManager running on another desktop or laptop computer, whether it be on OS X or Windows.

/images/TRM Content/Import_to_iPad.pngImporting recipes and cookbooks onto your iPad

The video on the right shows you how to import a complete cookbook or a single recipe into TheRecipeMgr for iPad. TheRecipeMgr for iPad runs on iPad and iPad 2 and we are also currently in the process of making the application universal, so it will also run on the iPhone and iPod touch. Using this process you can also import recipes from one iPad to another to share recipes with friends and family, with no syncing involved.

/images/TRM Content/Import_to_desktop.png Importing recipes and cookbooks onto your desktop

The video on the left shows you how to import a recipe or complete cookbook into TheRecipeManager running on your desktop. You can import either from TheRecipeManager running on another desktop or from TheRecipeMgr running on your iPad. As you don't have to sync to do this, you can have different recipe collections on different devices.

A couple of points to consider when you are sharing cookbooks:

1. Your Desktop and iPad need to both be on the same network
2. We recommend transferring cookbooks which contain no more than 1000 recipes. However, you can transfer consecutively cookbooks of this size or smaller.

For further assistance with sharing Contact TRM Support